Are you having Marital or Relationship problems?
All couples from time to time hit bumps in the road — upsetting situations that can lead to more serious marriage problems. Research shows that couples are in trouble an average of six years before they seek help and often by then it is too late. If a situation seems to overwhelm or concern you, please get help right away.
Are You feeling Stressed or Overwhelmed?
Stop feeling overwhelmed today. Learn how to control your anxiety and what you can do to control your anxiety symptoms forever.
Is Your Youth Redrawn?
We promote a culture that safeguards the welfare of young people We work with young people in safeguarding their welfare We promote equality of opportunity and diversity in your area of responsibility We challenge oppressive behaviour in young people

Our intent is to equip each client to effectively embrace a new outlook and perspective in life within a safe and positive environment


Stress is a normal part of life. Stress warns you that you’re encountering problematic situations, and is designed to motivate you to take action in order to reduce that stress and make life better.
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Dysfunctional Family

Family dysfunction can be any condition that interferes with healthy family functioning. Most families have some periods of time where functioning is impaired by stressful..
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Grief and Loss

Loss is an inevitable part of life, and grief is a natural part of the healing process. The reasons for grief are many, such as the loss of a loved one or the loss of health.
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Cognitive-behavioral therapy is a relatively short-term, focused psychotherapy for a wide range of psychological problems including depression, anxiety, anger, marital conflict, loneliness, panic, fears, eating disorders, substance abuse, alcohol abuse and dependence and personality problems.

The focus of therapy is on how you are thinking, behaving, and communicating today rather than on your early childhood experiences. The /counselor/therapist assists the patient in identifying specific distortions (using cognitive assessment) and biases in thinking and provides guidance on how to change this thinking. Cognitive therapy helps the patient learn effective self-help skills that are used in homework assignments that help you change the way you think, feel and behave now.

Cognitive-behavioral therapy is action-oriented, practical, rational, and helps the patient gain independence and effectiveness in dealing with real-life issues. Many people wonder what to expect when they begin counseling/therapy. Although you’re individual experience will vary depending on the problems and goals that you have.